MSP pickup high-end kit/Female jack (1/4") connector
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MSP pickup high-end kit/Female jack (1/4") connector

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For the Acoustic guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Piano, and so on. Contents : MSP pickup (Standard model, NEUTRIK 1/4" female jack connector, 180 cm cable), Positioning Magnet ×4 (3 mm thick ×1, 5 mm thick ×2, 8 mm thick ×1), Positioning Magnet Setter, Cushioning (three kinds), Pouch for MSP, Endpin-hanger for guitar, Cushion sticker for Positioning Magnet, Transparent protector How to use : ◆◆RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY◆◆ All items on this shop site are non-refundable. We do not accept any returns or exchanges; we accept only exchange if the item you purchased is defective. Our Exchange Policy is valid for 10 days. We cannot accept any exchanges if you contact us later than 10 days of the delivery date. If you have received a defective item, please contact us at "" including the details and picture of proof for the defective item. If the exchange is accepted, we will send the return address via email. Please kindly be advised that shipping charges including import taxes must be paid by you. We will not refund any shipping charges or import taxes. Depending on where you live, it may take some time for the exchanged item to arrive. ◆◆SHIPPING INFO◆◆ Method : EMS ( Shipping to Worldwide ) Our products might be refused to be carried by airmail, as the terms of transport by airplanes have become stricter. We deal with our products via EMS. However, if packages are refused to be carried by airmail, we will contact you. Please make sure that your order will be canceled or reshipped by sea mail in this case. ◆◆NOTICE◆◆ - Although the products shipped to the countries/regions outside Japan shall not be supported by our warranty system, these are shipped after passing the operation confirmation test. - For credit card payment, visit the following websites for the exchange-rate information. (FYI only. We do not accept any inquiry about the sites.) ----------------------------- VISA Currency Exchange Calculator ----------------------------- Mastercard® Currency Converter ----------------------------- - Please read the product information before purchasing. MSP pickup information :